Monday, October 29, 2012

Garbage In Garbage Out

Its Wednesday night. That's right-hump day, and with no one to hump, You sit at home bored. You've flipped through every app on your smart phone when the inevitable thought crosses your mind  "Huh. I wonder whats on t.v." After wandering around aimlessly for five minutes you find the remote wedged in the couch cushions right between the loose change and stale cheerios.You point the remote at the screen, depress the power button, and are suddenly wrapped in the warm glow of your 40' LCD screen. You start cruising through the channels-




Public access.....

"200 channels and nothing to watch" You think to yourself.

You click through a few more channels when you come across The Jersey Shore.
Rife with pointless drama, superficial assholes, and entirely to much tanning oil, the people of New Jersey  are really making America proud. I mean seriously, how many jacked and tan guidos can one person stand? And yet we keep watching. We are painfully aware of how ridiculous this show and several of its "reality" counterparts are and still we stay tuned. Like the car wreck or rather, the train wreck, you cant stand watching but cant look away. We are hooked by something hidden in the reality-based, vapid lives of these Jersey natives.

If you've ever heard the term 'brain food', then reality t.v. is like Twinkies for your mind. One or two Twinkies every now and then are okay to satisfy that guilty pleasure we get all get sometimes, but if all you consume are Twinkies, you're not getting the nutrients your mind needs and deserves. What you ARE getting is cream filled garbage. I know, I know you just watch them to feel better about yourself but you know what else would make you feel better about yourself? Learning something new. Whether its a new skill, or something from history or even learning something new about yourself. Lets be honest we could all stand to learn something new other than what Snookie's baby will look like.

I encourage you this week to spend that idle time wisely. Involve yourself in something that will add value to your life. Unplug and pick up a book or at least that E reader you got for Christmas but have yet to use.

Your brain will thank you.

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