Monday, November 12, 2012

Why I Hate Cars

I hate cars. Sure they look nice and get us from points A to B pretty quick but are they really that great? They cost a lot of money, they pollute the air, and they generate a lot of waste once they are out of commission. Okay, Okay, I'll admit I am a little bit biased as I have been plagued by motor vehicle issues ever since I can remember. What follows are variety of stories that should explain why I hate cars.

  • When I was 5 while riding in the car with my mom and sister headed through Nevada. We rode through construction and slid on loose gravel. My mom lost control of the wheel and we careened over the shoulder.  The car was in a barrel roll down the cliff and when we finally came to a stop the car had flipped three times and we landed on the hood. Nobody was seriously injured...but damn.

  • When I was 8 years old I was outside with my sister and her friends and when her friends went to leave they rolled over my foot with their car.

  • A couple of weeks after I got my drivers license I was driving to the local video game store for a Halo 2 tournament. As I pulled into the parking space I clipped the Escalade in the next spot over. Turned out to be an off duty cop's Escalade. The damage to the his ride-$1500, The look on his face when he came out of the store-Priceless.

  • When I was 16 I my mom let me drive to school one morning while she rode shotgun. Not two miles away from my house we came to a stop sign. I did like any safe driver would do and looked both ways  for on coming traffic. Once I saw an opening I slowly pulled out. Unfortunately it was still dark outside and when I looked both ways, I failed to see the oncoming car with their headlights off and SMASH.

  • Junior year of high school the last bell rang and I headed to the parking lot. My mom had been out of town and was letting me borrow her new pickup truck. I was considering going to the gym that day and since my friend lived close to school I figured I would drive over and see if he wanted to work out too. As I pull up in front of his house he comes running out. I rolled down my window to talk and my friend decided this was the official new Dukes of Hazard car. My friend comes flying at me through the driver side window, knocks me over into the passenger seat and off of the brake pedal. Before I could sit back up, the truck methodically rolls up over the curb and into the side of his house. My mom was beyond excited to see her new truck when she came home the next day.

  • One evening when I was 18 I headed to this new restaurant to meet up with a few friends. Being a prepared motorist; as I was leaving the house, I was sure to grab the keys, my wallet and directions to this new restaurant and shove them in my pockets. I was approaching the light for the freeway on ramp when I thought it would be a perfect time to check the directions. I glanced down for just a second and when I looked back up traffic had come to a complete stop and WHAM right into the back of a van. Now I was officially off my moms insurance.

  • Easter morning 2010 I was driving home from church. As I came of the off ramp for the freeway two studs snapped off the axle and my wheel and tire came free. It was extremely fortunate that I had made it off the freeway before it happened but still another car story. I ended up waiting an hour for the tow truck to arrive and when it did, it was the wrong type of tow truck. Since it was a rear wheel, the car couldn't roll down the street and needed to be hauled away on a flatbed truck.

  • When I was 22 I got a job transfer from Seattle to Atlanta but the SUV I had wouldn't make the trip. The tires were bald and it had been having electrical problems for a while. I took it to a dealership to make a trade and walked out with a new truck I didn't like with a $25,000 price tag. Have you ever had a time where you instantly regretted a decision you made? Well this was one of those times. I was short on time was desperate. Fortunately, my sister and brother in law helped arrange for me to bring the truck back and get my old SUV back.

  • Most Recently I got a job transfer to Australia and I need to sell my truck. I've been working on it the past few weeks to get it ready to sell. New radiator, new muffler, new oxygen sensors, the works. Again, time is a factor as try and sell this truck. I take it to a dealership only to find out that they cant appraise a vehicle with expired tabs. Did I know the tabs were expired? HELL NO! Apparently in the state of Georgia your tabs expire on your birthday which was a mere 3 months after I had previously renewed them. In order to renew the tabs, I'd have to get another emissions test. When I take the truck to get a smog test, does it pass? HELL NO! Now its crunch time folks. In one day I have to have the problem fixed, get a smog test, get new tabs, and sell the truck. The pressure is on.

I suppose I should be grateful to be born in a time where there are such things as cars, and that I've been fortunate enough to own as many cars as I have, and to have survived these stories. I am extremely grateful for those things believe me. But it still doesn't change the fact that I hate cars.

Do you have a crazy car story? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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