Sunday, March 3, 2013

LIFE* A Different Point Of View: pt.3/3

LIFE* A Different Point Of View: pt.3/3

Life As A Rock (the micro and macro view):

ALL matter, at its smallest, most fundamental level is energy condensed into a very rapid vibration. Every thing we see, feel, hear, and taste are different frequencies of the same vibrational field.

Lets compare the macrocosm vs microcosm in a simple analogy:

Imagine you are holding a rock in your hand. As you now see that rock(from the MACRO perspective) it is a complete and solid object. We know from looking very closely with microscopes that within that rock there are millions of molecules moving around at incredible speeds. However, even if you know conceptually that the rock is made up of many smaller moving parts, when you look at it as it sets in your hand, all you see is the rock in its current form. There is no separation. From the MACRO perspective you do not see this process that is taking place. The rock is not in the process of becoming a rock. It is a rock. 
Now, the molecules within that rock have have a different point of view. They know their world(the rock) only from the MICRO perspective. In which they experience themselves individually moving from “here” to “there”, very rapidly. 

Both of these perspectives are true.

It is only from our limited perspective with which we see ourselves as separate from one another. Our lives on this planet are series of very small, rapid movements in which we move from “here” to “there”. Seemingly, these individual movements do not effect the 'whole'. Though just as the molecules move together to create the rock held in your hand, so to do we move to co-create this reality.

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