Monday, July 1, 2013

55 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Mood

An incredibly important life lesson to learn is that all people operate from two motivations:

To fulfill their desires and to escape their suffering.

No matter what kind of behavior other people exhibit, they are acting in the most effective way that they are capable of, to feel pleasure and relieve pain. Of course no one wants to suffer but in life it is bound to happen once in a while. The question then becomes:

How can you experience pleasure regardless of time or place?

Here is a list of 55 ways to instantly boost your mood regardless of whats going on around you:

1. Do something bold ~ Don't hesitate! Do that thing you've been putting off for way to long. Its time to wake up people. No more sleepwalking through this life.
2. Go some place new ~ Go to that new restaurant you've been hearing about for weeks. Even take a new route to work or to the grocery store. Mix it up!
3. Ride a bike for fun ~ When was the last time you went out and rode a bike for fun? Don't even plot a course. Just pull the bike out of the garage, dust off the seat, and cruise.
4. Make a new friend ~ Go introduce yourself to the new neighbors or that cute girl you always see on the city bus. I like to say "every stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet".
5. Hold your pee as long as possible then go - Ahhhh ~ There aren't many better feelings in this world then the sweet relief of emptying your bladder after a long meeting or car ride. This one wont boost your mood at first but we'll just call it delayed satisfaction.
6. See a baby laugh ~ I lived with my sister's family including my new baby niece for over a year. Seeing that little girl laugh would brighten my day every time. If you don't have a new baby at your disposal go to any supermarket on the planet. New moms usually want to show off their new babies as much as possible so you should have no problem with this one.
7. Learn a new skill ~ Pick up that guitar you still have yet to learn to play. Learn a new language.Take an art class at the local community college. Never ever stop learning.
8. Call into work-do something fun instead ~ If you do this one in moderation you shouldn't have a problem, unless of course you love your job. The way the economy is right now don't get yourself fired, but if you haven't missed a day in a year or two take a day off and hit the water park.
9. Hit the water park ~ This one will be way more gratifying if you've called into work to hit those speed slides.
10. Eat some candy ~ May I suggest some chocolate? Chocolate in moderation has been scientifically linked to good health and boosted moods. Grab me a Snickers while your at it?
11. Meditate ~ You can even do it sitting up in your chair. Meditation is profoundly beneficial when it comes to mental health and peace of mind. Take 20 minutes out of your day, quiet your mind, and meditate. Repeat after me "Ohmmmm".
12. Rise early ~ Watch the sunrise and enjoy your morning cup of java. Give yourself time to wake up, you'll be more productive this way. If you go to sleep earlier it will be easier to make this a habit. Also put your alarm clock on the other side of your room it because once you get up to turn it off, you're up. Additionally this will reduce that urge to smash the clock against the wall. 
13. Go bowling ~ Use your senses to take it all in. Notice the crowd noise mixed with cheers and disappointed sighs. The rumbling of the bowling ball as it glides down the lane. The crash of the pins as the ball knocks them over and the gears rattling as each frame is reset...Its a beautiful sport really. Grab some friends and grab some shoes. You never know, you might even run into √Čl Duderino
14. Start an inside joke ~ Start a joke that only you and someone else understand. It is a great feeling to be in on the joke nobody else gets.
15. Hug/kiss someone ~ "A hug is like a handshake from the heart"...okay its kind of corny but its true! Hugs and kisses cause an instant endorphin boost. Both are relaxing and cause floods of positive emotions. You look like you could use a hug right now.
16. Ride go-karts~Nothing gets the adrenaline and endorphines going like a few laps around the track. Grab a friend and go find a local course.
17. Climb a tree~Ask yourself honestly, when was the last time you climbed a tree? I can tell you already, the answer is 'its been to long'. Go to a park and find a big branchy sucker and re-live your childhood.
18. Go rock climbing~ Currently one of my personal favorite recreational activities. Not only is rock climbing a lot of fun, its also good exercise and you feel like a bad-ass every single time you make it to the top of the wall! Do you know rock climbing will soon be an official Olympic sport?
19. Play with a dog~ Whats not to like about a creature that shares its unconditional love with no questions asked? Fetch or tug-of-war ought to do the trick.
20. Be the host of an event~ Throw a party! When you host an event, you get to call the shots which makes you feel like a boss. Make it so enjoyable that people will be talking about it for years!
21. Go for a run~ Running not only makes you feel good physically but after a good run your mind will be very clear and you'll be able to solve problems you've been struggling with. No excuses if its raining either, we all know of a nearby gym or a friend with a treadmill that sits in the corner gathering dust.
22. Volunteer~ Volunteering your time is one of the most valuable things you can do. When you help someone in need it makes them feel better, it makes you feel better about your situation, and you'll feel amazing that you contributed to the world.
23. Go swimming~ Just a few laps, or a few jumps of the diving board, or throwing a few people into the pool is enough to make you grin from ear to ear.
24. Give something away~ If you have something sitting around the house that you don't use anymore, instead of posting it on eBay and making a couple lousy dollars, donate it to someone in need and your gratification will double.
25. Call your mom/dad~ When is the last time you rang your folks? You know, those two goofy people that brought you into the world? It only takes a few minutes to catch up and you'll feel better once you do.
26. Teach something~ You probably know about a certain something better than anyone else in your circle of friends. Teach something and be rewarded.
27. Listen to some new music~ Finding new music is like unwrapping a gift. Music can take you to instant euphoria.
28. Jump on a giant trampoline~ Probably one of the funnest things to do in the WORLD. Grab a friend and see how high you can double bounce each other!
29. Scream~You probably have some stress you've been holding in for a while. Go outside and do a few war cry's. Or grab a pillow and muffle your screams of bloody murder.
30. Count your blessings~Do this first thing in the morning and it'll make your entire day look much brighter. Then do it again before you go to sleep and you'll feel really good about how your day went.
31. Take a walk~Turn off the tv, lace up the sneakers, and take a stroll.
32. Take a nap~When all else fails...take a nap.
33. Treat-yo-self~ Go to the store and treat yourself to some ice cream or that new t-shirt you've had your eye on. Go ahead and treat-yo-self, you deserve it.
34. Read~Sometimes we'll could all use a little escape. If you cant afford that vacation to Tahiti just yet, grab a book and try to figure out who killed the waiter at your hotel before the last pages.
35. Dance~You can do the dougie, the robot, the cabbage patch, the worm, pop lock and drop it, just shake anyway you know how.
36. Sing~ Crank up that new song in the car and sing like you're trying to make it on The Voice.
37. Watch stand up comedy~This is always my favorite go-to solution to bring me out of a funk. There's is no way you can watch to much stand up comedy. Go laugh your ass off.
38. Go to a concert~Go see your favorite band perform live. There is nothing like it.
39. Make love~Knockin' the boots is a sure fire way to feel better. Grab your partner, pour up some wine, turn up the Marvin Gaye and just get it on.
40. Create a new idea or concept~Stirring the creative juices will most definitely make you feel good. Let the brainstorming begin!
41. Tell a joke~ This one always gets laughs [A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: "That's the ugliest baby that I've ever seen. Ugh!" The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: "The driver just insulted me!" The man says: "You go right up there and tell him off – go ahead, I'll hold your monkey for you."]
42. Change body movements~ Do you know that simply changing your body movements will boost your mood? Swing your arms around slowly side to side, then quickly clap your hands together and shout BOOM! Feel better now don't you?
43. Listen to informational audio books~ Grab Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends And Influence People and listen to it during your commute to work.
44. Watch inspirational videos on YouTube~ Like this one
45. Take a warm bath~After a long day sometimes the trick is to just run a bath and soak in it. Tell your friends and family your going to take some time for yourself and just relax.
46. Dress up and go out~ Its a widely regarded fact that when you look good, you feel good. Get a hair cut and throw on that new outfit. The world is yours!
47. Polish up your memories~Think of your favorite memories. Now emphasize the best parts and make them as vivid as possible.
48. Smile~Science has proven that smiling even when you feel down will instantly trick your mind into thinking its happy.
49. Go outside~Go reconnect with nature. With all of the technological distractions around us, sometimes a stroll through the woods is exactly what we need.
50. Give a gift~ The secret to living is GIVING. Give an unexpected gift to someone and watch their happiness become your happiness.
51. Let something slide~ We've all been in a situation where someone around us does something foolish to us or around us. If you find yourself in a situation like that, make the conscious decision to let it slide. Use that energy in more productive ways.
52. Go to the beach~ Toes in the water, ass in the sand will cheer you up every time.
53. Watch the sunrise~ Rising early is an awesome way to feel good but the added bonus of watching the sun rise will amplify the quality of the day ahead of you.
54. Watch the sunset~ Watching the sun set is a great opportunity to reflect on the day gone by and to count your blessings.
55. Choose to be happy~ By far the most important way to boost your mood and feel happy. The secret is to CHOOSE joy. CHOOSE happiness. Every time negative thoughts and feelings arise. Even this instant. Choose to be happy and spread that joy to others.

What mood boosters do you use?

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