Saturday, March 24, 2012

Need Direction?

At 23 years old, I often ask myself what I am doing with my life. I am a self motivated guy but I haven't accomplished as much I had expected to by now. There are plenty of people my age that feel this way too. I wanted to share this inspirational quote from Neale Donald Walsch's Bringers of the Light.
The book is filled with so many quote worthy lines. This one in particular stood out to me but pick up a copy for your self and you'll find plenty of gems just like this one:

"If your life is directionless, it is because you have not set a direction. If your life is without accomplishment, it is because you do not know what you are seeking to accomplish. if your life has seemed pointless, it is because you have not sought to use it as a tool with which to make a point."

 Grab a pen and paper and actually write out your goals. Break down each goal into strategies you can use to accomplish those goals. If you need help getting started check this out. If you're like me...shoot, even if you're not like me; Set the bar high for yourself. When you get to that point, set it higher! It helps if you say what you want out loud. Believe that you can have it, then go out and make it happen! Today your day!

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