Friday, May 11, 2012

10 reasons to take an acting class

This week I decided to sign up for an acting class. There are plenty of life improving skills to be gained from taking an acting class and you don't have to have dreams of performing on Broadway to enroll. I encourage you to check out your local actors studio and if you have any hang ups hopefully this list will shine some light on them.
without further ado here are the ten best reasons to sign up for an acting class today!

1.Better Communication- Learn how to group thoughts and clearly express ideas. The public speaking aspect of any acting class can help improve speech giving and argumentation and it can ease social anxiety.

2.Improved Decision Making Skills/Problem Solving- Whether it is from improv or just a standard scene, sharpening your ability to think on your feet is invaluable.

3.Cooperation- Not everyone is a great conversationalist as I'm sure you are aware. There is some timing and cooperation involved in a good conversation comparable to a well choreographed dance. Your ability to interact in conversation will improve greatly.

4.Improved attitude- If you've had a rough week or just need to get out of your head for a while, being in someone elses shoes for a couple of hours helps gain perspective on hurdles in your life and can refresh your entire attitude.

5.Confidence boost- If you are an otherwise shy person, you would be amazed at the confidence you can gain from conquering the fear or even the discomfort of public speaking. 

6.Increased optimism- With all of that extra confidence laying around, you might be surprised at how much more awesome your life is and can be. Increased optimism can do wonders for your self esteem and outlook on life.

7.Empathy- Standing in somebody else's shoes for a couple of hours can help you to recognize and share feelings of people around you. After some practice you will have a better understanding and maybe even appreciation of why people do what they do.

8.Social Awareness- How you perceive cultural differences and other peoples feelings has a huge impact on how you show up in the world. The ability to understand and respond to the needs of others can change your life. Another plus from gaining social awareness is the increase of emotional intelligence.

9. Unleash Inner Comedian- Any good comedian will tell you delivery is key to landing a great joke. learning the subtle ques and timing will bring your comedy act to the next level.

10.Imagination- The great thing about acting is you can be anyone at any point in time. All the while, thinking as they're thinking seeing the world through their eyes. This skill can open up your imagination to areas that never had occurred before.

Well there it is. I hope reading this has convinced you that there is so much to be gained from taking some time out of your schedule and enrolling in an acting class. Good luck and leave some comments on your acting class experience!


  1. Wow. These are pretty good reasons to join an acting class, even if one is not seriously considering acting as a full-time career. Thanks for sharing this!@acting schools in Sydney

  2. Personally my aim is to become as well rounded individual as possible and to help others people with that same goal. Glad you liked the post Jared, keep coming back!