Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Toast To Life

I woke up this morning feeling inspired. That refreshing feeling of insight then turned into desire to share that inspiration with you good people.
Lets take this opportunity to make a toast to LIFE:

To your mystery and your elusiveness. To your ability to expand and develop individual perspective.


You educate us through experience and you compel us to grow in ways we didn't know were possible.

Here's to the paths we walk and the lives we lead. Here's to all the joys and all the pains. Here's to the friends we make and the relationships we build. Here's to all of those we love and all of those we lose.

Thank you for pushing us. Thank you for fear and the wisdom to know that fear is an over active defense mechanism and a construct of the mind. That most fears are nothing more than a set of beliefs we have set up holding us back from reaching our real potential-You sneaky SOB. Thank you for potential and all of its abundance.

Here's to the adventures you allow us to have and the deep suffering we will all inevitably face. Here is to celebrating you and all you've allowed us with every single breath.

We raise our glasses to you, LIFE.

We take the good, we take the bad, we take them both and there we have the facts of life....and all of the fucked up ways you keep us guessing.



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