Monday, December 30, 2013

Thailand (pt. 3/3 Bangkok): An Excursion Through South East Asia

Landing in Bangkok was like déjà vu of our first night in Thailand. We arrived late and exhausted so we had last pick of available accommodation. The crappy overpriced hotel made for a poor first impression of Bangkok. Just like in Phuket however, the next morning we were refocused and ready for anything.

Seems legit

We caught a ride to a street not far from Bangkok's notorious Khaoson road. Our new friend Moe the driver, who gave us the lift, showed us some affordable guesthouses so we checked in and dropped our bags.

John hadn't got much sleep the night before so he stayed at the guesthouse and got some rest while I went out to explore Bangkok solo.

Past the tents of food and massage parlors, down the street I found Khaoson road. I cruised down the street taking note of the location of cool things we'd want to check out later. After an hour or so I went back to the guesthouse to retrieve John. When I got upstairs he told me it was finally time for him to get his highly anticipated first tattoo.

The shop was clean and it was easy to see it had been around for several years. I felt more comfortable about leaving my friend in the shops capable hands. Once the stencil was laid a sterile needle was pulled from a package and the artist started up. John did better than expected. He didn't cry or pass out. As John got his tattoo I went back out to Khaoson to find someone who could dread my hair. A couple of hours passed and John ink was finished. It was an eventful day.

The next morning we set out to find the main attractions throughout the city.

 We stopped to check out the local contemporary art museum and even made a stop for a meditation break.

That night we returned to Khaoson before catching a ride out to Bangkok's famous 'Ping Pong Show'. It was quite the performance.

Everyone in this photo is a masseuse or getting a massage

Banana and honey pancakes

We spent the rest of our time in Bangkok checking items off of our to do list. We saw the Grand Palace, took an elephant trek and visited the famous floating market.  
Grand Palace

We stopped off at a war museum then traveled to the tiger temple. 

Finally we went back through and hit the food carts one more time.

The next day left south east Asia headed back to Perth Australia where we'd spend a few more days before finally returning to Melbourne. 

After five weeks of full-on, eye opening, life changing adventure we would return to Melbourne. Throughout the trip we'd had our ups and downs. 
We faced fatigue, language barriers, and flux budgeting but more importantly, we'd had engrossing, life affirming experiences that will stay with us forever. Cheers boys!

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